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[$] Tornado Idle by runde [$] Tornado Idle :iconrunde:runde 10 2 Indra (Version 3) Walk Cycle by runde Indra (Version 3) Walk Cycle :iconrunde:runde 7 4 Luna (Version 2) Walk Cycle by runde Luna (Version 2) Walk Cycle :iconrunde:runde 9 2 [$] Hey Can I get some of that? by runde [$] Hey Can I get some of that? :iconrunde:runde 8 2 Agumon Test animation update 2 by runde Agumon Test animation update 2 :iconrunde:runde 16 0 Agumon Test animation by runde Agumon Test animation :iconrunde:runde 12 2 Agumon Test Sprite by runde Agumon Test Sprite :iconrunde:runde 22 2 [$] Umm. Gatekeeper by runde [$] Umm. Gatekeeper :iconrunde:runde 8 1 Veemon Bad Stone by runde Veemon Bad Stone :iconrunde:runde 15 3 [$] Kilona Sidestep by runde [$] Kilona Sidestep :iconrunde:runde 12 3 [$] John takes a slice by runde [$] John takes a slice :iconrunde:runde 16 0 [$] Malstrum ??? by runde [$] Malstrum ??? :iconrunde:runde 14 4 [$] Finnick California Romance by runde [$] Finnick California Romance :iconrunde:runde 29 6 [$] N. Wilde Rekkaken by runde [$] N. Wilde Rekkaken :iconrunde:runde 32 11 [$] Malstrum Ruffian Kick (roundhouse) by runde [$] Malstrum Ruffian Kick (roundhouse) :iconrunde:runde 15 0 [$] Malstrum Tornado Upper by runde [$] Malstrum Tornado Upper :iconrunde:runde 13 0
This is my stuff.

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This is what I have favourited. They are impressive.



[$] Tornado Idle
Well I took a single sprite and made this out of the foundation of that one sprite. So yeah! 

Thanks for looking! 

This is a commission from :iconalphabetagamma1701: Thanks! 
Indra (Version 3) Walk Cycle
I also did this a long time ago (December) but it's a good walk cycle (as you can probably see it's my avatar). I might make a 3.5 version with some fixes and some real updates. 

The original Knuckles design is © Service Games. 
Luna (Version 2) Walk Cycle
Well I did this a long time ago (like January) It's not finished because the hands need some work to make right. I want to do something about the contact and some of her gait as well. That's okay, though! 

No one paid me, but yeah :iconlululunabuna:'s LunaPorcu using the Sonic 3 Style. 

The original Sonic design is © Service Games.

Hope that you like!
[$] Hey Can I get some of that?
Well how about -- OH COME ON!!

This is a commission from :iconalphabetagamma1701: Who's character, John you see above. Thanks!
Agumon Test animation update 2
Still need to work on getting it good. I added a couple of frames. 

Agumon is © Bandai Namco / Toei Animation. 
I am looking to grab a used iPhone 6 or something like that to test some programs that I am in the process of making, so I am lowering the price for about 2 weeks so I can have the chance to get one. 

So yeah the title. It's as simple as that unless your character is highly complex, then I will have to add $10 to that character. 

If you're interested in having one, please pm me here or you can email me with the PayPal address(if you know it already). 

Thanks for looking!
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United States
I am here in Texas from Wisconsin.



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NiGHTcapD Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
The one thing I can think of is a Pawniard or Bisharp doing Johnny Gat, from Divekick. Or potentially moves from Ikuro(Baoh) or Kars from JJBA: All Star Battle.
Is that something you may do on your own interest or would that require commission?
runde Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Had a person for Bisharp. This person in this video:…

It'll probably have to be paid if I do that.
NiGHTcapD Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Ah, I see. Heidern makes sense.
alphabetagamma1701 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
I got back from watching "The Mummy" today.

They called Set "the god of death", and while I seem to recall that he's supposed to be a god of several things (I think storms, war, and foreigners were a few of them), I don't seem to recall him being a god of death.

Then again, it's a Univeral monster movie, so inaccuracies involving ancient Egyptian mythology were likely to happen :P
runde Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
Meh. That's Hollywood. They'll make things now for the lowest common denominator.

I haven't been to a theatre since "Finding Dory"... :shrug: 
alphabetagamma1701 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
I think Kilona would make for a very unfair boss battle:…
runde Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
More than likely.
Marvyn1990 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
happy new year ^^
runde Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Thank you. A happy new year to you as well.
JorgeBunny Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
sorry i tell you this awesome story 
i want baby greed to be the new sonic team character.

so i can tell sega  what is this creature call zare the world of end of time.

I won't waste SEGA Time it will be a long talk for hours it could turn dark. Sorry bye ^_^!?
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